Landlord & Tenant Law

O’Brien Redmond Solicitors offers professional Dublin solicitor services to landlords and tenants, representing both in all RTB matters.

Landlord & Tenant Legal Services

We represent both Landlords and Tenants in RTB disputes. If you have a dispute with your current rental property, please contact our office and we can arrange a consultation.

Tenants - We provide advice on all areas of landlord and tenant law, including Letting Agreements, Termination Notices, non-refund of Deposits.

Landlords - We provide advice on letting your property and the rights and obligations of a Landlord, registering a tenancy with the RTB, letting agreements, non-payment of rent. If you are looking to sell your property and wish to end a tenancy, please contact our office to arrange a consultation.


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Offering a Wide Range of Legal Services for Landlords & Tenants

  • Rent review agreements

  • Actions for breach of covenant

  • Service of Notice to Quit

  • Recovery of possession

  • Debt recovery for rent arrears

  • Actions for arrears of rent, rates insurance and service charges

  • Termination of Leases and Tenancy agreements

  • RTB Acting for Landlords & Tenants

  • Drafting the terms of leases and tenancy agreements


Brian O’Brien and Louise Bennett of O’Brien Redmond Solicitors are both appointed to the RTB’s Enforcement of Determination Orders Solicitors panel.

If a Determination Order has not been complied with, you can apply to the District Court to have the Determination Order made an Order of Court.

You can appoint your own solicitor to bring an enforcement application in the District Court. Alternatively, you can make an application to the RTB to assist you in bringing this application. If you require the Board’s assistance to enforce an award, you should contact them at and they will assess your case. If they do grant assistance, then you will be instructed to engage a Solicitor from the RTB’S panel- of which we are members.

Once appointed we proceed to have the Determination Order made an Order of Court. This enables enforcement of the Court Order by a number of methods. Please contact our office for further information.

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Landlord & Tenant Law FAQ

  • What are my rights as a tenant in a rented property?

    As a tenant in Ireland, you have a number of rights that landlords must respect. These rights include the right to quiet and exclusive enjoyment of your home, the right to a rent book, the right to a certain amount of notice before being evicted, the right to notice of the landlord inspecting the property, and more. If you think your rights have been violated by your landlord, contact O’Brien Redmond Solicitors today.

  • What is the RTB?

    The RTB (Residential Tenancies Board) is a regulatory body and mediator for the rental sector in Ireland.

  • What should I do if my landlord has asked me to leave?

    The first thing that you should do is look at the RTB website. Then contact your solicitor. 

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