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Brian O'Brien

Brian O’Brien practiced in two Dublin firms before setting up his own firm in 1997.

Brian specialises in civil and commercial litigation with a particular expertise in debt recovery. He is a past lecturer/tutor and litigation examiner in the Law Society.

Appointed a Commissioner for Oaths in 1989, Brian was appointed a Notary Public by the Chief Justice in 2007.

Mediator, Brian is an Accredited Mediator through Mediation Forum Ireland, http://thepanelofmediators.ie/brian-obrien/

Brian graduated with a BComm from UCD, Dublin, in 1980 and qualified as a Solicitor in 1985. Brian comes from a family steeped in legal tradition in Dublin going back three generations.His mother and two uncles were lawyers and his mother’s aunt Helena was the first woman to qualify as a Solicitor in Ireland in 1931. She was also the first woman to be appointed a Commissioner for Oaths in England and Ireland.


Please contact Brian by email at brian@obrlaw.ie

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The legal system for recovery of debts is poorly used.  Often companies go legal as a last resort resulting in a poor rate of recovery.  We hope this guide will assist you understanding both the legal procedures and the Court structures involved in debt recovery.  The greater your understanding of the legal process, the more efficiently you can use the system to ensure a higher success rate in recovering your debts.

Unlike many debt recovery agencies, we are not restricted by rigid systems and debt recovery instructions can be processed to suit the requirements of each client.  We only require the identity of the debtor and details of the debt (for example, copy invoices) to commence the recovery process.  Because of our proximity to the Courts instructions can be assessed and processed immediately.  You have the reassurance that the recovery process is personally supervised by Brian O’Brien who is also available to deal with any enquiries that may arise.  As a result all debts are processed in the most efficient and appropriate manner. 

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