Dispute Resolution

O’Brien Redmond Solicitors offers professional legal dispute resolution services suitable for individuals, families, and companies across Dublin and the surrounding areas

Dispute Resolution

Personal disputes can arise for a variety of reasons, including financial disputes, family disputes, property disputes, and more. If you are experiencing a private dispute and want to get the law involved, O’Brien Redmond Solicitors can help.
With over two decades of experience, we provide straight-talking and professional dispute resolution, offering legal mediation, litigation, and negotiation techniques to help you resolve the issue.

As well as working with private clients and their personal disputes, we can represent you in a case against a company, helping you to get justice and fight for compensation when necessary.
From family disputes to debts owed and breaches of your rights in the workplace, we do it all, offering reliable, trustworthy, and efficient private dispute resolution services to any client who needs it.

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Commercial Dispute Resolution

If you are involved in a commercial dispute, it can be beneficial to hire the assistance of a dispute resolution solicitor. The team at O’Brien Redmond Solicitors have decades of experience in providing commercial dispute resolution services for companies in all industries, liaising with clients and other companies on your behalf to resolve disputes. We offer dispute resolution services for a range of commercial conflicts by way of mediation, and litigation services.

Alongside our commercial dispute resolution solicitor services, we provide quality legal advice to clients who wish to begin the process of filing a court case.

Offering a Range of Commercial Dispute Legal Services

  • Commercial Property Disputes

  • Contract Disputes

  • Employee Disputes

  • Business to Business Disputes

  • Workplace Disputes

  • Data Breach Disputes

  • Shareholder Disputes

  • Commercial Negligence Disputes

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Dispute Resolution FAQ

  • How are legal dispute cases solved?

    This all depends on the case at hand. Dispute resolution falls into two categories; Adjudicative processes and Consensual Processes. You can speak with your dispute resolution solicitor at O’Brien Redmond Solicitors for more information on this and how we solve these cases.

  • What is the best type of dispute resolution?

    This all depends on the dispute that is being discussed. The most straightforward form of private dispute resolution is probably mediation, which is the practise of speaking privately about the dispute with both parties and their solicitors.

  • Where can I find a divorce dispute solicitor near me?

    O’Brien Redmond Solicitors provides professional Dublin dispute resolution services to clients in Dublin and the surrounding areas.

  • What is a commercial dispute?

    A commercial dispute refers to any conflict between a business and individuals or another business. This can relate to anything commercial, from contracts and employment to commercial property.

  • How do you resolve a commercial dispute?

    The first thing to do when a commercial dispute is flagged is to fully review the agreement being disputed, and assess the evidence of the dispute and any loss or breaches in the agreement. If direct negotiation does not resolve the dispute, mediation or legal proceedings may have to commence.

  • What industries do you provide dispute resolution for?

    We offer dispute resolution services for companies in all industries, be it legal mediation and/or litigation for clients depending on your individual needs.